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Les Daniels (October 27, 1943 – November 5, 2011) 
I was proud to have known Les, usually seeing him at the New England Horror Writers Conference (NECON) in Rhode Island every summer. He was a great guy, possessed an encyclopedic knowledge about popular culture and was an historian of and writer about comic books, as well as horror novels and several nonfiction books. He might be best known for his 1971 book, “Comix: A History of Comic Books in America.”
To create this  posthumous oil portrait for a private commission, I had to gather as many photos of Les as I could find, no single one of which was very helpful for use as reference for the portrait. It was quite a challenge to create a good likeness from that limited material. Les is seen here on the campus of Roger Williams University where NECON had been held for a number of years. The Mount Hope Bridge is in the distance, and Les is holding two books that he authored. The top one was the one he was the most proud of, "The Black Castle." Underneath that is the one I have on my own shelf, "Superman, The Golden Age."
Les Daniels
This is my finished painting inspired by Benjamin Franklin's 1745 letter, "Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress." Part of the wonderful new three-volume compendium edited by Russ Kick, "The Graphic Canon. " My painting appears in the first volume.

Instead of literally illustrating the text of Frankin's 1745 letter, I painted a picture showing the first flirtations between an itinerant silhouettist and a well-to-do-widow that may lead up a sybaritic assignation.

The scene shows a street in Philadelphia sometime about the last quarter of the 1700s. The shadow portraitist complements a fine lady on the quality of her classic profile and offers to cut her likeness for only the enjoyment and artistic pleasure of the experience.

Behind them, a British grenadier enjoys his pipe and the scene as it plays out in front of his recruiting office.
Choosing a Mistress
A formal portrait of author H.P. Lovecraft (1890–1937) painted in oil on canvas, 20" X 24" for a private commission.

Lovecraft sits in his room at 10 Barnes St. in Providence, Rhode Island which was his home from April 1926 to May 1933. He's surrounded by various noteworthy objects of interest and favorite things from his life. 

The painting is available as a print. Please contact me if you're interested.
H. P. Lovecraft
Here's a Harley Davidson Flaming eagle that I had a lot of fun designing. The parameters for this job were fairly confined and the client knew exactly what he wanted. There are many versions of Harley Davidson flaming eagles out there and this one had to fall in line with all of them but not be a duplicate of any of them. A fun project! This job might have created the largest size print at which my art has ever been reproduced. (See the billboard)
Harley Flaming eagle
Here's the largest print of my artwork available... well at least the flaming eagle part. This was fun to see off to the side of Rte. 64 here in Virginia. If I climb up there and sign it, will it make the billboard more valuable?
Harley Billboard