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Maps created, recreated or re-imagined for various clients.

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This is a map of Gedona created for Penguin Random Houseís book THE BLOODFORGED by Erin Lindsey. The maps I create for Penguin Random House not only have to be easily legible, but they also should have an artistic flair and evoke a sense of the world that the author has created. I enjoy working with both my editor and the author on these maps - itís like taking a little voyage into a new world.
Map of Gedona
"The Sunrise Lands" by S. M. Stirling needed a map to match the new world after "The Change" that rendered technology inoperable around the world. A chart that looked sort of low-tech, hand drawn, yet completely legible to the reader was commissioned by Penguin Books. I put some creases in it to make it look like it was carried around folded in someone's pocket.
The Sunrise Lands
Created for the movie "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again" written and directed by Larry Blamire, this map was designed to resemble those 'traveling maps' used in old movies where a plane or boat would "fly" over the map for a quick movie transition to another locale. Ace animator Bill Bryn Russell animated my art in the movie to bring it to life.
The Lost Skeleton Returns Again
Commissioned by Paul Revere Memorial Association, this map shows the rides of Revere, Dawes and Prescott as well as the locations where they encountered the British Regulars. I used period graphics for the houses and people to bring to mind a little taste of the period. The interactive map can be seen at:
The Rides of Revere, Dawes and Prescott
The Voyages of Captain Edwards
Created for author and historian Ben Edwards, this map portrays the voyages of his ancestor, Captain Benjamin Edwards master of the ship Sarah, a 60 ton vessel built in Boston. His final voyages occurred aboard the Greyhound from 1718-1722. This 110 ton ship had 6 guns and a crew of 14 men. He was attacked and commandeered by the famous pirate George Lowther. I used authentic period graphics from newspapers in my collection and gave it a yellowed paper texture to recall that era of pirates and sail.
The Voyages of Captain Edwards
I created two maps for "Into the Storm: Destroyermen, Book 1" by Taylor Anderson. This map is the "alien map" made to have that alien feel yet still be legible to the reader of the book. In the book, a WWII destroyer passes into another realm to face an alien menace in an alternate world. There's an added-on note by the American destroyer's crewman who deciphered the map and its symbols.
Alien Map
I created two maps for "Into the Storm: Destroyermen, Book 1" by Taylor Anderson. This map was made to evoke the style of WWII period military graphics and lettering done in the 1940s and also to show some of the complex strategies, battles and maneuvers of the protagonists. In the book, a WWII destroyer passes into another realm to face an alien menace in an alternate world.
Into The Storm
Commissioned by Roc/Penguin Books and the author, Diana Pharoah Francis, this map shows "The World of Crosspointe" a world of "high-stakes intrigue and adventure."
The Black Ship
The Cambridge Arts Council commissioned me to draw a very detailed pen & ink map of Cambridge and the River Festival's attractions. I included some real and some tongue-in-cheek history of my home town as well. and hand-colored a few copies which ended up in the offices of Ted Kennedy and a few other notables.
The Cambridge River Festival
This highly detailed pen and ink drawing commissioned by Greenwich Workshop shows the fanciful Victorian mansion and grounds where a part cat, part butterfly creature could be found.
Mewingham Manor
A small "spot" map of southeastern colonial America created with a patina of old parchment and authentic 18th century fonts repurposed for this modern chart. © Published by Scott Foresman/Pearson Education.