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Illustrations, paintings, book covers and sculptures in the horror genre

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This is my silhouette cutting of H.P. Lovecraft.
As was the practice for silhouette cutters in centuries past, the original silhouette is kept as a template from which subsequent duplicates can be cut. However, each silhouette will vary in small respects as each one will be additionally detailed with blade and scissors.

Though Lovecraft had a few extant silhouettes cut during his lifetime, this silhouette is not based on those but is taken largely from the profile photo of Lovecraft with writer Frank Belknap Long as well as from a careful study of Lovecraft's facial contours in other photographs. The style of the silhouette is typical for the 1920s with the white collar cut from the black paper.

Showing eyelashes on a silhouette was a conceit or fashion of the cutter rather than a depiction of reality, Only in very rare cases would the eyelashes actually protrude beyond the profile. In service of verisimilitude, I've decided to leave off the eyelashes in order to more realistically depict Lovecraft's unique and strong profile.

For those interested, I will hand cut duplicates of this silhouette, mount it on warm ivory paper with a facsimile of the author's signature and mount it in a simple matte as seen in this image. I'll sign it subtly in pencil.

The Lovecraft silhouette is within a 4.5" X 6.5" window in a, 8" X 10" matte. The size is standard for those who may want to have it framed. The silhouette will be mounted, matted, protected in a crystal clear envelope for $30. plus $5 postage and careful packaging.
Silhouette of H.P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft
One of my illustrations to Moonstone Books' "Kolchak: The Night Stalker Casebook."
Carl meets a familiar-looking waitress in a nostalgic setting in "Brief Encounter" written by Pierce Askegren. I loved the ambiance of this story, more wistful than horrific. Researching a proper period setting for this sentimental story was a pleasure.
Brief Encounter with Bettie
I painted this cover and some interiors for Moonstone Books' "Kolchak the Night Stalker Compendium." To make the portrayal of Kolchak as authentic as possible, I researched the minutia of Darren McGavin's beloved character. I found that folks had already discovered the type of cameras he used. (In this case a miniature Rollei 16mm camera.) There's even a source for buying an identical copy of Carl's trademark straw hat for only $650.
Kolchak in the Lab
The is the first cover painting I did for Moonstone Books "Big Book of Kolchak the Night Stalker." Not based on any particular story in the book, I always liked the idea of Carl facing a scary menace in broad daylight rather than in the stereotypical nighttime. But where to place Carl? I stuck Carl out in the desert (so I gave him a jeep to get him there) and I had him clutching two books, "Cryptozoological Winged Monsters of the World" and "Exotic Birds of North America." There's something exotic over his head.
Kolchak Goes Birdwatching
Here's Kolchak again... for Moonstone Books "Big Book of Kolchak the Night Stalker."  with his trusty miniature Rollei-16 16mm camera, but this time at night. The publisher wanted Carl to be facing the menace in the evening, not in broad daylight as I had first painted him... oh well. so I completely redid all the elements, adding stars, headlight beams and light effects and altering the hues for nighttime.
Kolchak Goes Birdwatching at Night
This is the wraparound dustjacket to Rick Hautala's "Chills" coming soon from Cemetery Dance Publishing. We're looking out into a ferocious blizzard as we're marooned inside a shopping mall in Maine, cut off from most everything... except from those... things approaching through the whiteout.
Chills - dust jacket
This is the wraparound painting for the cover of Apex Publishing's "Appalachian Undead" anthology. Rather than the typical lurching, dull sort of zombie we see today, I wanted these folks to retain a bit more of their humanity in the form of relaxing to some down-home music. Old habits die hard as do these folks and their hound dog. Set a spell. Take your feet off. Y'all come back now, hear?
Appalachian Undead
Originating as an endpaper design, this painting was promoted to cover status and also has enjoyed a further incarnation as an art print. The original book is "Matinee at the Flame," a horror anthology by Christopher Fahy, from Overlook Press.
Matinee at the Flame
The surrealistic or perhaps symbolic painting for "Naked on the Edge," a collection of dark fiction by Elizabeth Massie.
Naked on the Edge
The cover painting for Elizabeth Massie's novel, Wire Mesh Mothers. If you look closely, you can see that there's some drama going on in the cab of the pickup.
Wire Mesh Mothers
The cover painting for "Sundown," a collection of short horror fiction by Elizabeth Massie. That's Elizabeth poised on a wall overlooking the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.
This cover for Elizabeth Massie's "Sineater" had many elements I referenced from the local landscape. The cabin, scrubby garden, trees and mountains are all from the area around where I live.
The elements within this cover for "Afraid," Elizabeth Massie's collection of dark fiction, was based on dingy doorways, ragged windows and bleak hallways in a local derelict and deserted mental institution that Beth & I explored with some friends and a little trepidation.
This is a cover created for the Context convention in Ohio where I was the artist GOH. It was adapted from my black and white illustration for the story "Dooka Dee" in Elizabeth Massie's story collection, "The Fear Report" now available as an eBook from Necon eBooks.
Context Convention Program Book