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These are various cartoons, cartoony things and comics done for various and sundry clients.

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For Sony Tristar's "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" written and directed by Larry Blamire, I created four vintage daily comic strip pages from the 1960s of the character "Ranger Brad." My approach was inspired by the strange and sometimes eccentric camping/nature/adventure strips of the early 20th century.
Ranger Brad

The Barbecue Pit of Sudeman Phycer!

The Thing
Though not an official, fer-real "assignment," I nevertheless have a fondness for this little bit of cartoony wackiness which is a reminiscence of my memories and those of writer Geary Gravel on the first World Science Fiction Convention we ever attended in St Louis in 1969. It was created for a one-shot fanzine (the "FIRST Night" at Noreascon Four in Boston.
Adventures of Cortney and Geary
This is my cover for "Cooperation" published by Crabtree Publishing. It's a series of six stories demonstrating how cooperation can enhance life's undertakings. I illustrated six biographies in "graphic novel" form, supplying Crabtree Publishing with line art to which they added dialogue, color and then composed the art into pages.
It was a diverse group of subjects with Eli Manning, Harriet Tubman. NASA Flight Director Eugene Kranz, Doctors Without Borders founder Bernard Kouchner and others.

The style of art had to be almost "neutral" in character, no exaggerated or harsh linework, no overdone facial expressions... You might call it a "documentary" style of artwork.
This illustrated story from "Cooperation" about Apollo 13 and Eugene Kranz, NASA Flight Director was very heavily researched. This panel shows Swigert, Lovell and Haise in the Apollo 13 capsule. For one small panel in the story, I needed to find out exactly how the suit/cabin temperature gauge was reading. My friend and amazing author, speaker and space journalist Andy Chaikin connected me to Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise to determine how to portray the reading on the gauge. Thank you Andy & Fred... You made this tough assignment a huge and exciting pleasure!... talk about "Cooperation."
Apollo 13 Crew
This panel from the illustrated story about Apollo 13 published by Crabtree Publishing shows NASA Flight Director Eugene Kranz with his Apollo 13 mission control crew, as he briefed them on the task to bring the crew home safe and sound. Quite a bit of research was required to find out just how mission control looked in 1970. This room has since been preserved as a bit of history.
Apollo 13 Mission Control
Here's one panel of my illustrated story on Harriet Tubman from "Cooperation" published by Crabtree Publishing. This ink drawing was later colored, captioned and composed into the book's pages by the publisher. It shows Harriet cautiously approaching one "stop" on the Underground Railroad" during the Civil War.
Harriet Tubman