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All things Tinker

I met Tinker the cat when I first moved down to Virginia to live with Beth. She was the perfect little house cat and lived to be 18 years old. She'd make herself comfortable wherever I'd be working which is why you see her there on the home page, nestled next to my drawing board. Little Tinker's been gone for a while now but I figured I'd just post a few photos of her and some of her favorite places where she'd make herself comfortable around the house.

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Tinker loved to perch on the arm of the La-Z-Boy chair as I'd sit there and sketch.
Tinker would come into the studio to look for a place to hang out, so I placed a cardboard box at my side, next to the window, with a pillow on it. It became her favorite spot in the room, where she could be warmed by the heat from the vent and watch the action outside the window at the bird feeder and birdbath. I had to vacuum the cat hair from the pillow now and then, but I don't think it mattered much to her.
Tinker at my side
Another one of her favorite spots, napping in the winter sunlight on a trunk in the bedroom window.
Tinker naps
Maybe one of my favorite photos of the old gentle cat. Tinker napping as the sunlight breaks through the clouds at the end of a winter snowstorm.
Winter Tinker