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Yes! He who must be obeyed returns again!

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These are 24 small pencil concept drawings that I submitted to director Larry Blamire for his film "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again." He needed a primitive carved stone idol for the "Cantaloupe People" ... something uncomfortable and unseemly. I submitted these sketches and you can see which one he chose... the one with the most little baby arms that I'd have sculpt. As soon as I drew that No. 18, I had my suspicions that it would be the chosen Dalp.
The Dalp of Annacrabb
This is the sacred and mysterious Dalp of Annacrabb, beloved and fearsome idol of the Cantaloupe People. I created this sculpture or maquette (to use a fancy term) of the Dalp and the wondrous production designer, Anthony Tremblay, sculpted the lovely gilded Dalp based on this maquette, that you see in the film.
The Dalp of Annacrabb
Created for the movie "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again" written and directed by Larry Blamire, this map was designed to resemble those 'traveling maps' used in old movies where a plane or boat would "fly" over the map for a quick movie transition to another locale. Ace animator Bill Bryn Russell animated my art in the movie to bring it to life.
The Lost Skeleton Returns Again