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The original movie that started it all!

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For Sony Tristar's "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" written and directed by Larry Blamire, I created four vintage daily comic strip pages from the 1960s of the character "Ranger Brad." My approach was inspired by the strange and sometimes eccentric camping/nature/adventure strips of the early 20th century.
Ranger Brad
One of the many Lost Skeleton of Cadavra "Skelectables" I created for the Sony Tristar Pictures movie website. This is a combination photo manipulation and digital painting made to evoke those cool old lithographed sheet metal lunch boxes of the 1950s.
Lost Skeleton Lunch Box
Here's the Transmutatron in the possession of Kro-bar and Lattis! ... built from $34.07 of various Home Depot supplies. The weird thing is that it actually worked.
The Transmutatron
Here's the Mutant in all his glory! Created from about $200 worth of materials from The Home Depot and Michael's Arts and Crafts.
The Mutant