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Larry Blamire's wonderful film about a small town infestation of crawling alien foreheads that begin attaching to people and taking them over and a scientist's experiments to extract foreheadazine but then things go horribly, horribly wrong! Along with a comic book based on characters from the film, I designed the opening titles which were wonderfully animated and brought to life by the incomparable Bill Bryn Russell.

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This screencap shows t artwork that ap[aered behind Ray Harryhausen's screen credit. It was a thrill simply to have my art there on screen next to his name!
Ray Harryhausen Credit
Here's a screencap of the fleshy-textured title for the film as it crawls right-to left across the screen. For the opening titles, I created around 250 separate pieces of artwork for ace animator Bill Bryn Russell to compose into a delicate and evocative ballet of foreheads. As the title moves in the background, this forehead moves up close to envelop the screen with his mouth. Yum!
Crawling Title
The film was created to evoke the look of 1960s Technicolor in hue and saturation, and the opening credits were somewhat inspired by the wacky animated opening film credits of that same period. Larry Blamire, the director, wanted a wide and diverse variety of foreheads throughout this opening title sequence: realistic foreheads, modern art foreheads... all sorts of shapes and sizes of foreheads.
The surreal and skewed lyrics and music to the opening title song were written by Larry Blamire, beautifully arranged, orchestrated and conducted by Christopher Caliendo and performed by the wonderful Manhattan Transfer. The music and lyrics took the lead in this dance as I strived to make the art echo the dreamy tempo and words of the opening titles. This screencap goes with the lyrics; "That barren plain of matter smack on the front of your head, between your face and hairline like sandwich cloaked in bread" as these foreheads assemble into a lovely and nutritious sandwich.
A Sandwich Cloaked in Bread
Well... of course I had to include my own screen credit... a proud moment as my name is orbited by a host of foreheads...
My Screen Credit!
This forehead just exudes LOVE!... don't you think? Kiss the forehead!

The Thing

The Barbecue Pit of Sudeman Phycer!